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For young people

The Youth Sport Award is a high profile and respected scheme which allows you to collect and evidence the skills you learn through your experiences in and around sport.

It focuses on physical activity, collecting qualifications in and around sport, taking part in social action and at the Gold level, managing a sporting event.

The Award will help you improve valuable life skills, building your confidence and independence whilst having fun along the way. When you come to apply for college, university or a job the Award will make you stand out from the crowd when you add it to your CV or application.

If you want to learn more about the Youth Sport Award, visit and ask your teacher or club leader about it.

For schools

The Youth Sport Award is an award scheme for 10 -24 year olds that allows young people to collect and evidence skills through their experiences in and around sport. It helps them grow their leadership skills, enhance their wellbeing and achieve in life.

The Award is flexible and has a range of levels so that the targets can be positioned against each learner’s needs and interests. For the most active young people the Award will enable them to evidence what they have achieved in PE, physical activity and sport. For the less active it provides a progressive pathway to motivate and challenge young people to do more.

Using the Wellbeing strand of the Award, you can improve your pupils’ physical, social and emotional wellbeing by incentivising them to take part in daily physical activity.

The Reflect strand gives them the opportunity to think about the life skills they need to work on, giving new scope for young people to develop these further through the Leadership strand. They can learn new skills around sport by undertaking qualifications or training in the Achievement strand, and at the Gold level of the Award take their learning one step further by managing a sporting Event.

The Youth Sport Award recognises the power of physical education and sport, helping you to make it more meaningful to young people and your wider school. The outcomes delivered support wider academic performance, employability and wellbeing.

To find out more about the Youth Sport Award and how your school can take part, visit or email

For community clubs

The Youth Sport Award can help you recruit, retain and progress young people in your club, as participants, volunteers and future professionals. It touches on all aspects of sport, allowing young people to journey through it in multiple ways and giving you a framework to develop them.

Through the Reflect strand, the Award helps young people to recognise the value of sport and physical activity, and how it can help them develop as an individual. The Wellbeing strand encourages them to increase their daily physical activity, and also get more involved in sport by volunteering through the Leadership strand. National Governing Body training and proficiency awards are recognised and supported by the Achievement strand, which provides a useful signpost to them.

To find out more about the Youth Sport Award and how your school can take part, visit or email

For employers/higher and further education institutions

The Youth Sport Award prioritises the skills, attitudes and behaviours that employers and educational institutions are looking for in applicants, helping you to differentiate between them. It develops and applies Creativity, Aspirations, Resilience and Empathy through engagement in PE, physical activity and sport.

The Award encourages awareness and development of these valuable life skills through the Reflect and Leadership strands. Through the Event element of the Gold level, young people also apply their skills to the planning and execution of a project.

To find out more about the Youth Sport Award and how your school can take part, visit or email