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About the Award

What is the award

What is the award?

A high profile, credible and respected pathway which allows young people to collect and evidence skills through their experiences in and around sport.

The Youth Sport Award serves as an umbrella to capture, formally recognise and reward young people for the following, all through physical activity and sport:

  • Maintaining their wellbeing
  • Developing their leadership skills
  • Embracing their personal achievements.

There are 5 levels to the award

  • YSA Go: the entry level, has a certain level of challenge appropriate to kick starting and recognising wellbeing, leadership and achievement.
  • YSA Bronze: YSA Bronze stretches that first level further.
  • YSA Silver: YSA Silver supports young people to recognise and build positive lifestyle habits, skills and behaviours.
  • YSA Gold: YSA Gold supports young people to build and articulate their life skills ready for life after school.
  • YSA Platinum: YSA Platinum supports young adults to continue to develop and grow their leadership and management skills in and around sport ready for work.

How does the award work

How does it work?

The Award is unique in that it helps young people focus by recording their starting point, setting targets, logging and reflecting on their journey using the innovative ePlatform.

There are five strands to the Youth Sport Award:


Through the Award, young people are able to demonstrate their commitment to physical, emotional and mental health and wellbeing. Central to the award is a personal commitment of making daily physical activity a lifestyle habit. This is linked to the official minimum recommended activity levels set by the Chief Medical Officer of 60 minutes a day. For the many students who are a long way off that at the moment it serves to motivate and drive behaviour change through target setting and explicit tracking on behalf of the young person to fulfil 420 minutes (an average of 60 minutes for seven days) of physical activity per week.


At the heart of the Award is Leadership, both personally and with others. Through the Award individuals will explore ways to test and develop their skills in a wide spectrum of experiences in and alongside sport. The Leadership theme will be linked closely to volunteering and ‘service’ to sport. The experiences will be graded by complexity, commitment and duration.


Through the Award, young people will achieve and collect a range of qualifications and skills across a wide spectrum of the sporting landscape. For example, they will learn to become coaches, officials, event managers, team managers, fundraisers, sporting activators, club organisers etc and capture that achievement.


Throughout, and at the end of the Award, the young person will reflect back on the skills they have learnt and the attributes they have demonstrated and developed through the Award.

The reflection will aim to guide the young person to understand how to transfer and showcase their learning in both written and verbal statements that are meaningful to colleges, university and business. This will help to evidence employability skills like communication, organisation, planning and team work to build a CV.


At the Gold and Platinum levels of the Award there is an additional module, the management of a sporting event. Young people will bring their skills and learning to life through taking responsibility for leading and managing an event. Each young person will develop a personal portfolio of their learning from the event, through planning, delivery and reviewing. This can be in a format chosen by the young person.

Why does it matter?

Why does it matter?

The Award enables young people to demonstrate, recognise and articulate the skills learnt through their engagement with sport, and understand how to translate them into life.

“More than anything else, it’s what I learned from sport that influences how I behave every day, how I get things done, how I work with other people, build teams and make progress.” Matt Brittin, President of EMEA Business and Operations, Google

The innovative ePlatform allows young people to easily set targets to improve their health and wellbeing as well as building leadership experience and achievements (qualifications, courses and

How do I start?

How do I start?

Register your interest today by emailing to find out more about how you, your school or sports club can access the Award.